A Halloween tribute to punditry

Posted on 31 October, 2008 at 9:36pm

Used jackets and tie from the Salvation Army store: $25.

Hair gel and bobby pins: $7.

Package of corn starch: $3.

Dressing up as your favorite liberal pundits: Priceless.

Colin making his Keith face

Colin doing his “Keith face.” If only one picture could capture the act of wadding up a piece of paper…

Me doing my Rachel face

My “Rachel face.” Things I have that Rachel does not: a billion bobby pins in my hair. Things Rachel has that I do not: jackets that fit, and a TV show.

The news better run.

The news better run!

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The Discussion

7 Comments on “A Halloween tribute to punditry”
  • Fantastic!!

  • This is awesome. Very well done.

  • You two look more like KO & RM than they do! Send them pix! Maybe they’ll broadcast them!?

  • SO CUTE!!!!

  • My God… The liberal media… they’re…. spreading.. RUN FOR HE HILLS! AAAAAAAAAAAAUGGGUHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OMG! You guys look amazing!
    Pam V in Honolulu

  • Very much I regret, that I can help nothing. I hope, to you here will help. Do not despair.

    P.S. Please review icons


Posted on 31.10.08 at 9:36 pm


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