I’m a product & UI designer currently living in San Francisco. I grew up in the Chicago area and had the honor of attending one of the most prestigious high schools in the state, the Illinois Math and Science Academy. That’s where I developed an interest in interaction design.

I received a B.A. from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign with a major in East Asian Languages and Cultures. I speak Japanese and have contributed translation work to a number of projects.

I worked as a webmaster at Google for two years and specialized in consumer-facing web design. I managed the web presence for several products, most notably iGoogle and Google Chrome. I also spent some time as a freelance interface designer and had the honor to work with many wonderful independent Mac and iPhone developers.

Most recently I had the honor to be the user experience lead at Inkling, a startup focused on educational software. I now work as a product designer at Quora, a web startup based in Palo Alto. I can be contacted at ahalsall@gmail.com.

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